Monday, December 9, 2013

Something I would do different with a new puppy.

After the loss of their dear Buster, Tom and Carol have a darling puppy, Tinkerbelle. AHHHHH.....

But I do not envy their puppy potty training in Minneapolis in the winter, this morning was -16, YIKES!!
This is little bitty baby Mollie at 6 weeks, her first face off with a cat bigger than her.
If I knew then, what I know now, I would have started grooming her right then.
Because one day she would weigh 75# and run through the grove after who knows what, and come back covered in sticktights.
When I try to clean her up, she turns into Crazy Dog!
Mollie snaps, snarls and tries to grab the brush and the hair that is coming out.

I have to pin her to the ground to comb her, it must be a sight to see us wrestling in the grass.
After the battle, I have my beautiful dog back.....
....until the next time Mollie hears things go bump in the grove and she's off, to protect her turf.



  1. Hard to believe that Molly was smaller then your cat. I finally got the sticktights out of Buster's tail.

    1. I never thought of that as I see my dogs with sticktights and hair balls. Then I remember Carri (a hairdresser) telling me that she began combing her baby puppy from the time he came to live with her, just a little combing at first. Because he had no patience. Then little by little he grew to love being combed at night. Now he lays on his back and almost falls asleep at night while he is being combed! I thought it was amazing when I combed him one night, now I know and understand the secret. Thank you Julie , for clearing that up for me. Sometimes I need to hear things more than once for it to sink in. And........... I am beginning to hunt for a puppy that will grow up to protect my chickens - I'm glad this message sunk in now. But, feel free to remind me when I get that puppy! My attention span is this.................. Gotta go feed the guinea pigs.