Monday, December 16, 2013

Everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit around here, well almost.....

It's only a week away from the day that the jolly fat man treats those who have been extra special good this past year. The animals don their best holiday head gear to show their spirit.

Chet is looking quite dapper.

Chantilly, making fun of Lady's headgear......

"Oh, you didn't tell me I had to wear one of these dumb things also."

Mollie is convinced she has been really, Really good and has high hopes for a stuffed stocking Christmas morning.

But right now a nap would feel good, barking from 2 - 4 AM tends to wear a dog out.

Zoe is contemplating revising the list she sent to Santa, she's thinking a subscription to the Mouse of the Month club would be fun.

And then there is Clyde.....

"I'm not wearing no freaking Santa hat, you never know who's head it's been on!!"


  1. So cute....Mollie's picture made me laugh out captures her personality to a tee. :-)

  2. How did you get that hat on Chet ? I can just see you wrestling him to the ground like Molly when she needs her hair combed. Are his teeth threatening you like Molly does?

  3. I did it at night and it was a challenge. I had my headlamp on plus a light shining on Chet. I had to keep shutting all the lights off to make him settle down, after several photos, I thought I had one I could use!

  4. HA!! I said the same 'how did she get that hat to stay on the comb?' followed by Tom saying, 'well there are such things as staples' - typical comment!! where did you find that cute little hat?!?! LOVED the horse pix esp. Chantilly snickering before she had to be 'saddled' with the antler headpiece. Mollie has it all, even her own stocking!! Great pix honey - very very nice, loved every one!! Love ya, CG

  5. These were great! Where did you find the tiny Santa hat? WHO has the patience to put it on a rooster long enuf for a photo? And I, too, loved the laughing Chantilly!