Saturday, December 7, 2013

My sister, Susan, the glass artist.

My brother, Tom, married extremely well and I'm often the beneficiary of Sue's wonderful fused glass creations. I had already posted a picture of these three little glass birds she made me 2 years ago after seeing some. Ask and you shall receive!

This summer Sue surprised me with two more garden stakes, a cat and a frog for the pond.
But she blew me away the other day when we stopped by their house and she gave me this adorable ornament of my sweet Zoe!!
All this because I gave her some deer repellant stuff I'd bought on a whim and realized as long as I have a big dog, I don't need to worry about the deer.
Now I'm combing the house for other stuff I don't use, you wouldn't believe what I found in a tub in the back of the closet.
Boy is she going to be surprised next time I see her.


  1. I am glad that you like your glass pieces.

  2. Yes, Sue is a true artist. Her latest venue is glass, but there have been many creations through the years of other mediums. I would also say that her other medium right now is photography - she takes beautiful pictures and I, too, have been the recipient of her artistry. My most prized possession is the kaleidoscope she made for me out of a gear of some kind and some odds and ends. In this family, we are all grateful for Sue, an artist and a sweet person. And we often say, "that lucky Tom, he was smart enough to marry her".