Friday, December 20, 2013


My sister, Rosanne, came bearing gifts Wednesday, 1/4 dozen farm, fresh eggs, delivered special for me!!

I finally had to break down last week and buy some 'sweatshop' eggs from the grocery store. How boring!
How many remember the Seinfeld episode where Kramer boycotts 'sweatshop' eggs and buys his own chicken....only to discover it is a rooster. He is a fighting rooster at that, so Kramer names it Little Jerry Seinfeld and promptly puts him in training and George gets the bad end of the fight.
Back to the eggs, this is what I usually see when I open a carton of home grown eggs.
BEAUTIFUL!! Green, blue, brown, white, large, and small, the one front and center is an over achiever, I couldn't even close the carton.
I repeat, BORING!!
How do people eat these things??
I always enjoy sharing the bounty of my hens with family and friends and Rosanne was a frequent giftee. I had people ask me if I sold eggs but I didn't want to get into that, washing, candling, grading, who needs the stress?
Even though I have been stingy with the eggs that were dwindling in the last couple of months, as my hens all go through their molt, I figured the three new pullets would be picking up the slack before the eggs ended.
I was wrong.
Everyday I have a talk with my girls....
"Girls, did anyone lay an egg today?"
All I get is "BWAACK!!"
I have no idea what that means but so far there are no eggs.
I even dreamed last night I got three eggs, is that weird or what??
So getting these lovely little jewels made my day!!
But a dilemma now ensues, how to use them? They must be treasured, not beaten into a batter but they deserve to be the main dish.
A hamburger topped with a fried egg?
Egg in a nest?
Egg McMuffin on a homemade bun?
Hard boiled with Cookies seasoning?
Hot hard boiled with mayo on fresh bread?
Right now they are squirreled away in the back of the fridge, out of Bruce's sight, I fear he would not appreciate them as I do.
And I must abide by one of the Commandments, "Thou shalt not covet thy sister's hens."

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  1. great entry Julie, I enjoyed it - this is the perfect example of why I love to read your blog as who could make eggs so interesting?!?! and then make me wish I had one of those green ones!! - thanks, CG