Sunday, November 13, 2016

My thoughts on the election

The election is over, thank heavens, and little did Bruce and I know the day we rode on the Trump bus at the Marcus Fair, how far he would go.

We didn't start out supporting him, like others, we thought he was just a flash in the pan. Dr. Ben Carson was our man and I hope some day we see him in the White House, such a good, honest, christian man. But as the field winnowed down and Trump was left standing, we threw our support to him. We were both so dismayed by the antics of the Clinton's, they feel they are above the law and have managed to get away with so much for so long. Also the entitled feeling that this was her time, she deserved it. Really, that is how you pick a candidate?

It was such a brutal, nasty, long campaign that stretched everyone's nerves, I quit watching national news, stuck to my Hallmark and muted any commercials that weaseled their way in. More and more I sought the solitude of my gazebo with Zoe and my tablet loaded with easy reading books. I avoided any political conversations with friends, it was just upsetting. We are in the 60+ % who were troubled with the direction this country was taking. We felt like Obama thought he was King rather than president, what he couldn't get through in the lawful process, he dictated with his 'pen and phone.' 

We've been looked down on by the elites on the East and West coats as being 'fly over country', that we were told we had no voice. As everyone knows, most of the pundits gave Trump no chance of winning. But as we, and others, drove around the country, what we saw were Trump signs, every where, and hardly any for Clinton, was that the first clue that something was brewing?

It was a stunning turn of events Tues night, early Wed morning when Trump came out the winner with votes still being tallied. When I saw the map on Fox News that had more red than the Verizon cell phone map, I was in awe.

There really was a silent majority and they stood up and shouted. But there is another theory by Franklin Graham, Billy Graham's son, who I have great respect for, the God Factor. Hundreds of thousands of Christians across the country have been praying to stop the godless, atheistic progressive agenda from taking over the country.

We love the fact that Trump is an outsider, never a politician and owes no one.

We love the fact that Trump is a business man, yes, he has been shown to be rude and crude but the alternative was unpalatable and proven to be downright dishonest. 

We are confident that he will surround himself with smart people, no one person can run this country, and will listen to them.

I think it's hilarious that Trump is downsizing, moving into the White House, it's smaller than his digs in Trump Tower.

I realize that there are a lot of people who vigorously disagree with everything I've said and I respect that so please keep any comments respectful. We are disgusted and appalled with the demonstrations that are destroying property belonging to innocent people because of the hired thugs. Compare this to 2008 and the Tea Party - no wait, there is no comparison because there was no rioting and destruction of property, we all went back to our lives and accepted the results.

Our wish for this country is that the vitriol will end, people will stop and think before tweeting out or posting vicious words. We are all adults here, aren't we? The internet has contributed to the rudeness of American's you can spew out anything and very few ever take responsibility for their actions. 

The gridlock has to end in D.C., they seem to forget why they are there, that we sent them and they work for us. They should each be required to read the Robert Fulcrum book "All I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten." If you haven't read it, please consider it. Wouldn't it be a movement to send a send a copy to your Senator or Representative, would they get the message?

We have a long way to go in this country, over the last 8 years the division has grown so much, I just hope Trump takes this opportunity and doesn't blow it.


  1. I hear ya girlfriend!! BTW, since when are "kids" excused from school so they can demonstrate for the sake of carrying a sign and maybe being on TV? (yeah, they're not old enough to vote or drink, their parents are paying for their education, some don't have jobs or aren't old enough to work and then they break the law by blocking streets and interstates, throw junk at the police and destroy property that their parents have to pay taxes for to repair)? Don't they know that everybody can't be winners (wait, guess in school they let everyone be winners so no ones feelings get hurt). Oh, and we'll contribute to the airline tickets for the stars and "college-educated" to move to Canada! Have they set up any "go-fund-me" accounts yet???? Let's get back to important things: gardening, farming and spending quality time with friends. This is the only time I'll be on a political bandwagon (I'm one of the silent, rural, white, "uneducated" people that are proud to be an American).

  2. JUlie; that was a great column - and I agree; I think the God factor was huge here. Our prayer is that our country reunites and comes together in every way possible. That does not allow for disappointed people to terrorize in riots. We were unhappy eight years ago and again four years ago, but certainly did not vocalize our feelings, let alone act out because of them. We, too, were supporters of Dr. Ben Carson; he has so many wonderful qualities. We were unhappy with many of the ways Trump acted childishly, but the alternative was horrific. So now we pray - for everyone possible in this great country to give Trump a chance, and support him in what he does. His first picks for Cabinet members certainly give the lie to Trump "getting rid of" women, gays, and blacks! Go Trump! And may God be with him!

  3. well said/written, Julie, as always! I just heard tonight on tv an FBI investigation said there were more hate crimes in 2014 and 15 than in many previous years.....WAY BEFORE Trump started campaigning, yet the media certainly blames him for the divison in our country. uh, hello? Better see who was our POTUS who was in office when all this started to happen snd who I feel started this about 6 years ago.