Wednesday, November 9, 2016

It's a roller coaster out there and not the fun kind.... if I would ever think a roller coaster would be fun!

I've found that I can hole up in the house or gazebo, wrapped in quilts but I can't hide, when I had a phone call from a friend wondering how things are going. It's not a easy ride, such a roller coaster from one day to the next. Yesterday I woke up with a nose bleed that freaked me out, but after a call to the specialty clinic, found my platelets were down and that was to be expected. By then, the bleeding had stopped and I was calmer. Things did go down hill though, literally, when I was in the chicken house and next thing I knew, I was laying on my back after getting light headed. But the good news was, I did not break my camera, slung around my neck, my new cell phone that fell out of my pocket or the egg I was holding. 

My back, side and butt wear the imprints of the bucket I hit but other than that, I think I'm fine. So I'm sticking close to the house and walking very carefully. Thanks for all your concern.

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