Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Day 2, try, try again

After trying all day to no avail, I was finally able to access the guest network at Ne Med Center so making good use of it by updating. The chemo last night went well but the steroids keep me from sleeping well and I've been awake since 3:30 am with only a couple short naps. Luckily I found the Hallmark channel that was not on their TV guide and vegging out on Christmas shows, interspersed with reading the books I downloaded on the tablet.

It takes 13 laps around this ward to make a mile and they encourage you to get out and walk. I can only make a couple laps before huffing and puffing so I go out more often and think I put in my mile today. I'm still swilling down my 64+ oz of water everyday, it washes out the dead dragons from my kidneys and hopefully will prevent a repeat performance of dehydration. Dr. Lunning did some adjustments on the dosages to help with that also.

Food is still a struggle, I have a refrigerator in my room and a microwave down the hall, they encourage you to bring food from home that you like. Last week I brought a container of Rosanne's chicken and noodles but I felt like I was jinxing myself so left them home this time. What a mistake, they have a great sounding menu but it never tastes as good as I think it will. The dietition was in today to see how things are going and she encouraged me to keep trying, to lose an significant amount of weight now, even though it wouldn't hurt me, could set things back. And I don't want that!

I'm looking forward to Bruce coming tomorrow and spending the day, I even promised him the TV to watch Vikings as long as he did some recording at home for me, guess? Yes, Hallmark. Rosanne said she will send leftovers from dinner home with us when we come through Smithland and you know it always tastes better the second day, but it will be a late night. I'm on my last of three chemo drugs and this one goes for 24 hours so wherever I go, my pole goes with me, even for walks.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, enjoy and appreciate your friends and families tomorrow, they are precious as you are to me.


  1. So eating and drinking is your lifestyle now---and don't forget it!! I'd rather see you head to the bathroom than CRH (aka Cherokee Hilton). We will keep those prayers heading your way, love ya girlfriend!!

  2. Praying all went well today too Julie!! Food - sleep - no nausea - all those prayers keep flying out to you!! Love you and happy Thanksgiving to you and Brucie!! Love ya!!

  3. Julie: So glad all is continuing to go well; I just have such a more positive feeling now that we had this good news! And you can sleep in your own bed tonight, and sleep as long as you want to Friday morning! Keep up the good work!! Love Janet and Gerald

  4. Thought of you so often today. Hope you can eat and drink as prescribed! Safe travels home tonight and continued healing!