Sunday, July 10, 2016

You got your troubles, I got mine....

Bruce was merrily baling Jon Fuhrman's hay late one afternoon when suddenly he noticed something different, looking in the mirror, he saw this.

OH NO!!!

This is not a job for the weak, it took a hydraulic jack, a hi-lift jack, several wooden blocks, a big socket set, the Dewalt, and a big pipe for a 'cheater'.

Jon and son, Carson, came to help, Bruce and Jon had to run back to the house so Carson took the opportunity for a rest on top of one of the big round bales.

The hydraulic jack did the hard work.....

....and the hi-lift jack was the back up, it took two guys, Carson was working the handle on the hydraulic jack.

Now it was time to see if they could get the nuts off, with Carson holding the socket on, Jon uses the 'cheater'.

Bruce took over for Carson and one by one, the nuts couldn't stand up to the power of the 'cheater'.

With each nut loosened, Bruce then used the DeWalt to take them off.

It took all four of us to lift this heavy tire into the back of Jon's pickup for the trip to the farm.

Bruce tried to pop the tire back onto the rim to no avail.... they transferred the tire to Bruce's pickup for a trip to the tire store to next day.

The tire was shot, much to Bruce's dismay, they don't give these tires away. Luckily the COOP had a replacement tire, Brian mounted it on the rim and Bruce and Jon put it back on the baler.

So my farmer was happy to be back out in the field to finish the job. Now if he can just find out what damaged the tire in the first place so it doesn't happen again!

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  1. SABOTAGE!!! Jon better way a cap to protect his head.