Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Grudge Match

Bruce and his cousin, Billy, have always had a healthy competition with each other, whether it was golfing, playing pool or fishing.

Wait a minute, in fishing there was no match, Bruce blew Bill out of the water. In fact he made Bill put a worm on so he could at least catch a bluegill.

Bill and family were back last weekend from their home in CO, so we went over Sunday afternoon to see them and Bruce and Bill could play pool.

Bill had Bruce down 3 - 1! He thought he had him, or as Bill would say, "I Own you!"

Then Bruce came roaring back, winning 3 games straight!

Sorry, Bill, you were SO close!


  1. Ah, Bruce's memorable comment--right, Gerb??

  2. My old track coach used to tell me "Billy if you let up at the end, the next time, he'll think I can beat this guy. But if you run through and bury him, you'll own him."