Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The bulls favorite holiday

The bulls get to go to the pasture to do what bulls do best around the 4th of July, this year is was Sunday, the 3rd, since we had big doings at the pond the next day.

The two bulls, along with 3 heifers and 3 pregnant cows have been lounging in the cattle yards, as the 4th grew nearer, Bruce saw Louie, the senior herd sire, gazing off in the direction of the pasture, head up, sniffing the air. He knew the time was drawing near. Last year Louie pushed his way under a gate to get out early, this year Bruce had him secure behind electric fences.

Usually when the cattle see an open gate, they rush through it but the bulls seemed more interested in the left over hay.

So Bruce had time to take down the electric fence and open these gates.

Then time to roundup the cattle....

.....and suddenly they noticed the open gates.

Louie and Baby Bull were the last ones out...

...but Baby Bull was leading the pack as they headed down the lane to the pasture.

"YEE HAW!!!"

There were no cows in sight so the bulls had to do a little squaring off to prove who was the toughest bull on the French Farm.

But not for long, they found the cows and set to work....

....smelling behinds.....Bulls, they are so crude!

We didn't stick around but we assume there were some fireworks later!!

Happy 4th of July!!

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  1. I like how Bruce was sporting his red/white/blue jacket for the holiday ;-)

    Love your stories........