Wednesday, April 13, 2016

They even come in pairs!

We've been busy calving and yesterday got a surprise with a set of twins and what a colorful pair they are.

They get their new numbered eartags...

....and then put in the luxury suite with their attentive mother. This is her third set of twins, it's a good thing she is a big cow because both calves were big. Bigger than some of the other newborns.

"Hi you sweet thing!"

"I spy, with my little round eye..."

Our 2nd year heifer produced this adorable baby...

....and works hard to keep him spotless.

I love the top knot on this calf!

Babies sleeping in the sun.

"Ahhhhh, life is good."

Another attentive mother standing guard.

I have a sneaking suspicion that baby bull has fathered some of these calves, ya think?

And then there is the class clown...

.....who decides to take a nap in the bunk as long as he is up there.

Doesn't this remind you as a child, having your mother spit on her finger/apron/skirt and wipe a smudge off your face?

"Ah, Mom!!"

It's time for a snack as the day falls into twilight.

Yesterday on the noon news was a story about a couple on Long Island who purchased a calf 2 years ago to raise for meat. During this time they have posted pictures of Minnie and other animals and poultry that they raise on their farm, on Facebook. Now Minnie is full grown and it's time to fulfill her destiny and people are outraged, lighting up the internet and even picketing at there farm. They claim that they have all fallen in love with Minnie, that she is a member of the family and you don't butcher family.

I have a question - what do these protesters do for a living????

People need to get a grip!! That is why we raise cattle, to feed people, they aren't people. As Mr. Brenner said, "We can't set a precedent, what if the next time they fall in love with a chicken in 10 minutes?"

The picketers say they will continue to protest outside the farm until Minnie is spared and we can only hope the Brenner's stay strong and don't let the bullies win. That is what they are, internet bullies, they want to tell these farmers what to do with their animal.

People are so far removed from the food chain, there are actually consumers out there who think no animal was harmed because they get their meat from the store. That is a true story, not an urban legend.

One of my favorite websites is, a wildly popular blog by the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond. They ranch in Oklahoma and raise thousands of cattle, her husband did a blog on selling and shipping cattle. Scrolling through the comments, one jumped out at me. A woman wrote, "How can you sell your 'pets' for meat?" I was disappointed when I did not find a rebuttal, they are not 'our pets', they are our livelihood. Marlboro Man missed an important opportunity there.

My sister, Rosanne, raises meat chickens each year, their granddaughter, Airilyn always likes to see the cute baby chicks. When she came to visit late in the fall, Airilyn wanted to go see the chickens so Rosanne took her to the basement and opened the freezer! 

Now there is a Pioneer Woman who did it right!


  1. Ah, that Rosanne, what a cut-up! (In humor and with chickens).
    Glad you are getting some twins, in the bonus round now, huh?

  2. good one Jean, you were in fine humor!! I know city folk don't know too much of the workings of the farm, but to picket and harrass sounds over the top. made me laugh, what do they do for a living?? who knows. I loved Roseanne's nonsensical explaination, although if I was the little granddaughter it probably would have made me shun chicken meat for the rest of my life!! Oh and great pix of the animal families, too!! Besides the topknot, look at those eyelashes!!