Monday, April 4, 2016

Not the beaver.....

....but geese! I set the game camera up at the pond to see what nefarious deeds the beaver was up to but the joke was on me.

Instead of a beaver, a pair of geese investigated the site....

....something wasn't right!

He either sees or hears the camera...

....and rushes to defend his mate from the intruder!

"What are YOU looking at??"

They decided it was harmless and she settled in on a nest...

....Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.....

....both of them doing a little grooming.

Geese lay one egg a day until they have a clutch that they think is manageable so I'm assuming she laid one egg, then covered the nest and left for the night. The next morning the dogs and I went over to retrieve the camera and I saw a goose egg lying down the bank by the edge of the water. The dogs investigated it also but decided it was nothing to retrieve.

We took the camera back home, downloaded the sd card and saw how the drama unfolded. 

The geese returned the next day and discovered to their shock and horror that the egg was missing!!!!

"Our baby, Our Baby!!"

"Oh, Woe is us!! Our dreams are shattered!!"

We haven't been back to see if they took this little setback in stride or they gave up the hope of a family. We shall see.

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