Wednesday, April 6, 2016

One of my biggest pet peeves!!!

Who here on the internet has received the call, "I'm from Microsoft and I'm here to help you," actually they are here to help themselves from your wallet.

Raise you hand now.....(I'm raising mine.)

Today was the third time in less than a month and they are persistent, they do not take "You're a scammer, quit bothering me!!" and hang up. Instead they talk calmly and try to convince you that your computer is emailing them and saying it has a problem.

Yeah, like your computer is that smart! 

"Help, help, I have a virus and need a doctor...."

If you look up Microsoft scams, this is #1 and there are still people out there falling for it because they can make themselves sound legitimate. Run to your computer now and Google Microsoft scams and see how many people they are targeting and how much the average person has lost.

You might ask, "Why don't you just hang up?"

That is a very good question but Bruce and I have a game we play with telemarketers because our CML Telephone Coop is what a Coop is supposed to do, they pay us back each year, a handsome dividend. When telemarketers use their phone lines, it is costing them, thus putting money in our pocket. 

That would be a good reason to move here, to take advantage of this, think about it.

As I said, these guys can be persuasive, the one I got a couple weeks ago really creeped me out because he not only knew my internet address, the string of numbers but he also knew CML was my internet provider. When I hung up I called Bruce at CML and he said they can find out a lot of things but they can't get into my computer unless I let them so I was relieved and ready to do battle again.

So we tend to string telemarketers along, we've had them on the line 10-15 minutes and these guys are extremely devoted to their mission so it's easy. In between their attempt to coerce me to let them into my computer, I'm shouting things like:

"Hang up you loser and quit bothering me!!"

"I know this is a scam and I'm not going to fall for it because I'm smart and you aren't!!"

"Get a REAL JOB and quite being a leech!!"

"My computer isn't going to email anyone that it's got a problem, you are the one with the problem!!"

Feel free to add your own phrases, feel free to pass them along.

It really is a great stress reliever if you are having a bad day.

So, dear readers, don't fall for this scam, no matter how convincing they are. If you don't want to play my game, just hang up the phone and Google Microsoft scams.

I feel much better now. 


  1. interesting.....we've never had anything like that, as far as I can remember. Maybe our first message on the phone (to STOP if you're a solicitor) works??

  2. CG--your answering machine doesn't do that anymore! :) Mom just had one of these right after she bought a new computer. They are very manipulative and do prey on those that are not aware of their malicious intent. Having worked in a phone center, albeit a LEGIT one, I'm not usually mean to them, but I do let them know I am not interested and hang up after asking to be removed from their list. Wish we had a phone co-op! Or any kind of co-op for that matter. We are stuck with our charter, Rochester Public Utilities and garbage man who charge whatever they want as we are at their mercies! :)

  3. I want to clarify that I'm only mean to the scammers, we may string the legit telemarketers along but I know that there are real people out there doing that job - and it's GOOD to have a job! Once I had a guy on that I was politely telling to take us off their calling list but he wouldn't take no for an answer and just kept blabbing along. I finally raised my voice and demanded he take us off. With that he said, and you have to read this with a strong southern accent, "Well I WOULD, if you weren't so MEAN!!" I burst out laughing and hung up.