Sunday, January 10, 2016

What to do on a frigid winter day....

....well, we didn't have church because it was "too cold", no the church was not off the power grid, the powers that be just deemed it too cold to go to church, go figure. Bruce and I still had to battle the elements to feed and bed our animals but it was too cold......?

The dogs love cold and snow and mobbed Bruce when he came in from chores...

.....and Bruce eggs them on.


Zoe went outside and stayed for 2.7 seconds before racing back inside and stretching out in the kitchen by the wood stove.
"Ahhhh, I wonder what the poor cats are doing?"
The Vikings were playing at noon so I decided to make a good dinner, Pioneer Woman sticky, spicy, crockpot ribs and broccoli salad that was on Saturday's show and Aloha buns that is one of my pins on Pinterest board, "I just can't have too many bread recipes." It's a knockoff of Hawaiian buns, the liquid is pineapple juice instead of water or milk. YUMMY!

Sorry, Janet, but this one is for you.

(The dinner was a success, unlike the Vikings when defeat was snatched from the jaws of victory by an errant kick.)

The frigid temps makes for lots of cuddling in the coop, Larry the third and his two little hens are conserving heat.....

....while the 'outcast' has to roost alone.

But she is getting the last laugh, when temps fall below 0, I plug in the quartz heater that hangs from the ceiling, over the roost. She is sitting on the board that holds the heater, by now her little tushie is warm and toasty.

That's what we can all hope for on these cold days and nights.


  1. Julie, I love that statement: "A fisherman lives here with the catch of his life" because it goes both ways, doesn't it? Way neat! I am sorry it is so cold up there! I remember that one year we did chores for you while you went to Mexico or Arizona, and it was -32 degrees. The waterers needed help, and as we went back and forth to the house for more hot water, Chief kept intoning "Poor Bruce" "Poor Bruce" After about the third time, Gerald said, "Poor Bruce my a......!" He's down south getting a tan and probably doesn't even know it's cold up here!" We have often laughed about that over the years - every time it gets cold! Only highs in 50's last couple days, but still much better than what you are fighting! Stay safe and stay warm! Love, Janet

  2. Yes, Janet, that is one of our favorite stories an Foof was right, we had no idea until we went through customs and was told it was -20 in Iowa that morning!

  3. Julie.....I love your pictures!! are you using a special filter as they seem to have a darkened edge around the borders. It makes them even more classier!! I love the top one of Brucie. And the bread.........ah, the bread...........