Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Am I losing my mind?

I've been going through packets of pictures, lots of laughs, some sad thoughts of those who are no longer with us and total bafflement - Who Are These People????

I have no idea!

Have you ever had this happen?

Was I (upper left with turquoise sweater) a photo bomber?

Did I stumble in off the street after a few too many wine coolers?

Is it a bizarro class reunion?

Seriously, who are these people???


  1. LOL....it looks like a play/stage set. Were you in a play ? Too....too funny !!!!!

  2. Hey, the girl in the green top with lots of hair poofed; well, there was a girl a grade of me in highschool that looked JUST like her!! Do you know Barb Stewart??? Woodbury Central, class of 1969??? I agree with Kim, it does look like a class play, community play, and they included the staring people plus very well dressed behind-the-scenes people too?????

  3. Kim is SO SMART! (Isn't that why we hang around with her?) I helped with Steel Magnolia's that the Sioux City Community Theatre put on, this must have been a group photo, I'd completely forgotten it.