Monday, January 4, 2016

A Boy and his Faithful Dog

It takes work to keep the home fires burning and today it was time to refill the garage with wood. Mollie spied Bruce by the woodpile and made a beeline to him, anticipating a good butt scratch.

This is their routine each day, Mollie gets between his legs and he scratches...

....while she dances and wiggles, it feels so good.

Then comes the cuddle....

....and the full body hug.

And then the pup shows up!

"Hey! What about me??"

And Mollie has to be reassured, 

"You do love me best, don't you?" 

"Yes, Mollie, I do love you best."

"So beat it, Punk!"

And all is right in Mollie's world once again.


  1. I loved the full frontal hug. seems to me I remember Chief doing that too with our dogs. Pets - there's nothing like 'em!!