Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What's this going on in the coop?

If you are a regular reader, you know about the romantic trysts that go in the coop, at night Larry the 3rd squires his two little ladies to a roost high above the other chickens, I've never been there to see the actual flight but they must have good navigation to keep from bonking their heads on the roof.

Or perhaps they have.

Last winter we had a falling out, a lovers spat, differences between sisters? Whatever the reason, one chose to distance herself from the other two.

 Larry the 3rd must have brokered a peace treaty and since positioned himself between the warring factions.

Last summer the little red hen hatched a Serama chick and was foster mother to the four Wyandotte pullets, the five hung together all summer and roosted together at night. Lately I've found the little Serama by herself during the day but still hanging with her foster sisters at night. Since the invasion of the rats, I've been very diligent about counting heads at night to make sure no one was missing.

Last night she wasn't with her sisters and, after searching the coop, getting ready to interrogate the dogs, I looked up. 

Larry the 3rd's little harem is growing but will the other two little women accept her?

It's a soap opera around here, I will keep you updated.

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