Wednesday, September 9, 2015

2015 Harvest underway

I was rudely yanked from my hummingbird hypnosis when Bruce announced that it was time to chop silage, I knew this day was coming and I don't end up working very hard, so it was no big deal. It was a big deal.

It started out innocuous enough, I took my camera and book, a big jug of water and a granola bar to stave off any hunger pains to the tractor. Unfortunately for me, the Big tractor with all the bells and whistles and air conditioning was tied up with the baler and couldn't be switched over just yet so I got the little White. It was rather warm out but I figured it wouldn't kill me and we had been scoffing at the schools around who were letting out early because of the heat.

"Why, in Our day, we toughed it out, kids these days are such wimps!"

Little did I know what lay ahead for me.

Bruce was ahead of me with his new (to him) Fox 3000 silage chopper and all was well. Chopped cornstalks and ground up ears of corn were flying into the wagon.

The barn swallows were beside themselves, feasting on all the bugs that Bruce was scaring up and everything was right with the world.

Suddenly it all came to a grinding halt, the chopper was plugged, well that happens sometimes. You pull all the cornstalks out, feed them back in manually and continue on your merry way.

And he did....

...until it plugged again.



...and this is how we spent the last week. It was hot and I had no $%!@## air conditioning, I wanted to be like the kids in school, I wanted out of that tractor!!

Then the air conditioning went out in Bruce's tractor also and he was working a whole lot harder than I was.

Tempers flared with the temperature but he was not going to give up. We chopped on Sunday, we chopped on Labor Day while others were celebrating the end of summer, we just wanted out of that $#!@%!! field!

My hard working hubby was looking a little defeated as he once again, unplugged the chopper and was heading back to his tractor.

He tried everything, even spending 2 hours removing the grinder bars, sharpening each one, flipping them over and bolting back on. With high hopes we went back to the field.....


Finally late Monday I heard those words, "It's good enough." 


Then God treated us to a spectacular sunset....

....and all was right with the world again.

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