Saturday, September 12, 2015

Airs Above the Ground!

"Come one, Come All to the Hummingbird Show!"
"Nightly Performances!"
"Bring your own chair, Ooh and Aah along with the crowd!"
"Daring Maneuvers, rivaling the Blue Angels!"

This is a rare moment when two hummingbirds are actually feeding at the same time, usually that isn't allowed.

This little guy was taking a moment to rest on the stepladder.

The hummingbirds are around all day but night brings out the craziness and they zoom and zip, dive bombing each other, lying in wait above in the branches of the tree to surprise an innocent victim.

Bruce is not as enthralled as I am but our neighbors, Brian and Carol, came over last night to enjoy the show. We were sitting just a few feet away from this hanging feeder and we were right in the flight path, tiny birds zooming between and around us, intent on being the king of the feeder.

And to the victor goes the spoils, a well earned drink of the sweet nectar to recharge it's tiny body.

I was watching one bird drinking from the feeder and his little feet were scrabbling, searching for a foothold, I was wishing this feeder had perches on it.

But you must never be complacent, you must always be vigilant or you run the risk of getting bonked on the head by an invader.

They are ferocious fighters as they duck and weave in the air, smacking each other in the chest, the later it gets the more frantic are their actions. But it is not all war, I saw a little hanky panky going on in the branches, twice! It didn't take them long either! I felt like a voyeur but I figured it wasn't something that many people ever saw so that made it okay.

I'm going to miss these little guys when they are gone.

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  1. I really enjoyed our evening of watching the hummers. They are so quick.