Sunday, June 28, 2015

Birds just want to have fun ...

Yesterday I was working outside and heard a lot of squabbling on the roof of the house. I looked up just in time to see two little birds, locked together, tumble down our metal roof. Just before they hit the ridge cap on the lower roof, they swooped off in flight! Before I recovered from that the squabbling started up again and once more two birds came tumbling down the metal roof to fly away. 

What the heck was going on? 
Later in the day our seed salesman Ernie, stopped by to pick up a pallet and I was telling him about the goofy birds. Just then the squabbling started again and birds came tumbling down the roof! We stood there and watch them do it several times and I was thinking, "Is this their Adventure land fun ride?" I wondered if I should put a hose up there so they could have a water ride. 

Then I remembered Kim's husband, Jeff, telling me about watching some young Crows with a parent hopping around under Kim's bird feeder. Even though the young birds were nearly as big as the adult bird, they sat around with their mouth open for the parent to feed them. I also watched a young robin following its parent around outside my window after a rain this week. The mother bird was pulling up worms and even though this baby could fly, she continued to feed it. 

I know parents like this! 

I think the bird fun ride was in reality a young bird insisting it still be fed by the old bird. I think the old bird was telling the young bird, "Get out of my basement and get a job!" 

There should be more parents like that. 

I moved out back to the garden in the shade to do battle with weeds, I do have the garden tour coming up and have lots to do. I was working right underneath the wren house and I could tell whenever the parent came with a bug because much excited chattering erupted from that small house. 

"Feed me! Feed me!"

He was kept busy all afternoon, delivering  tasty morsels to the children and fly off in search of more. 

I think he was checking to see if he had the right address in this photo, " I don't remember this many kids!" 

Then I noticed that not only does he deliver the food, but he removes the poop! 

In with the food, out with a poo. 

It's a crappy job but someone has to do it. 

Aren't you mother's glad that you had diapers for your baby's? 

Speaking of babies, one of the four cows left to calve had a sweet little baby girl the day Bruce left to go fishing. Luckily he saw the calf as he was heading down the road and called to ask if I wanted  help moving her to the maternity pen. She has always been a gentle cow so my first instinct was to say I could do it myself and to head on up the road to Minnesota. But I found myself saying,"Sure, I'll be right over." That was a smart move because number 33 was quite cranky and did not appreciate our 'help'. It took the two of us and a big gate to move the pair to the luxurious maternity suite. 

She still did not appreciate the comfy accommodations and 'all you can eat' silage buffet. Cows are funny like that.

I dropped in yesterday to get a picture of the new baby and she was not any more ready to forgive and forget, standing in the front of the pen and daring me to cross the line she drew in the bedding. Luckily the baby is a curious little thing and came out to see me.

Who couldn't love a face like this??

Meanwhile in Minnesota the fish are biting, John took this picture of Bruce and his largemouth bass. 

This is Bruce and Dennis in the boat, oh the stories they will tell of this trip.

The boys are already planning their next trip in July, instead of grubbing around in the garden, I will be able to lay in the gazebo and eat bon bons. I think we will both be happy.

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