Wednesday, June 24, 2015


...It is an adventure! 

I have been rather lax in my calf tales but I have a very good excuse. I've had carpal tunnel for years, in 1997 Dr. Deffer operated on my right hand which was the worst from years of carrying and sorting mail. I tried everything before the surgery because I kept hearing horror stories about it, what a mistake, it was the best thing I ever did. At that time my left hand tested bad enough that I could've had surgery on it also but Dr. Deffer said that a lot of times when you have the dominant hand fixed, the other hand will get better and that's what happened with me. I retired from the post office and what about my daily life with few problems, at times when I was driving it would flare up from the gripping the steering wheel. Fast forward to this last year, after six months of chemo the carpal tunnel came back with a vengeance.

  I've been doing a lot of gardening and rebuilding my pond has really taken a toll on it, keeping me awake at night. I finally decided to do something about it and discovered that Dr. Deffer still came to Cherokee, I made an appointment and saw him yesterday. He's a really nice guy. a little grayer but aren't we all? I explained about my hand, he ask a few questions, and said, " Well we better fix it." The words I wanted to hear, he said there was no need to redo the tests which are rather painful, they involve sticking needles in your arm to test your response. 


Surgery is scheduled for July 14 and that works perfectly for me. The garden tour is the 11th so I won't be hindered getting ready for it. I'm looking forward to it and getting my hand back to normal. 

Back to my blogging excuse, some of my fingers are numb which made it very difficult and irritating to type. Having any of you seen the commercial for Dragon? It is a voice activated software you can purchase for your computer so instead of typing, you simply speak. I was seriously considering purchasing it when Bruce's sister said that my computer probably already has this voice activated software on it. 

And it does! 

I purchased a headset microphone from Radio Shack and I was all set. It takes some getting used to and sometimes the words it picks up are very different than what I spoke but I'm getting onto it and the more I use it, the better it is. 

I thought I would end this blog with a few stats from my two years of blogging, can you believe it's been two years? 

I discovered by accident there is a section that tells all of the stats from your blog. For instance, how people find it in the first place. Google is the most popular but to my shock and horror I discovered it was also on! YIKES!! 

I also found where my audience is... 

United States
United Kingdom
New Zealand

To my surprise I have received comments on my blog from Australia, Canada and Ukraine! After mentioning my Amish country gazebo, I heard from the company wanting pictures of my gazebo. I sent the pictures and asked how they found my blog. She replied that she scours the Internet for any mention of their company. 

I had a comment on my post about the chickens on the strollers in Florida from a man who said that the white chicken died in a tragic accident. I do not know if he is the owner of the chickens but he said that a nasty woman knocked her off the stroller and she died of a head injury. I think that she was a Silky and they are prone to head injuries because of the way they are built. The topknot on their head, which makes them so cute, is soft tissue, and that makes them vulnerable.

This was my first blog post using the voice activated and it took me much longer. I have to do it when Bruce's not here because if he hears me talking he keeps saying "What? What?" Besides, I feel a little silly talking to myself in here! 

Thanks for sticking with me, my faithful readers, and stay tuned for more stories from the farm. 


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  1. Wow who knew you could talk to yourself and presto.......your story is typed. Keep up the great your blog !!!!