Sunday, January 18, 2015

Spending quality time with the cats

This last week has passed in a blur as I have spent most of the time laid out on the couch, except for the times I was laid out in our bed, or traveling back and forth to Cherokee for shots or for my twice daily airing while I did chores. 

When we were kids and driving our mother crazy in the house, she would finally snap and order us out of the house to "Get the stink blowed off!!" 

It's good to get the stink blowed off but in doing so, is very exhausting so I find myself back on the couch to recuperate.

I am never alone, Clyde spends his days on one end of the couch, he gets a little testy when I want the entire thing, he thinks I should be happy with my end and the footrest. After all, he can't reach the lever.

For some unexplained reason, after living upstairs for years, Ghost has packed her bags and moved downstairs with the rest of the family.

Zoe took up residence in the computer chair, just a few feet away from the couch, to be within reach should she hear me coaxing the Ghost to come up. Zoe has tormented the Ghost from the time she set her mitten toes in the house and when she is caught, uses this pose to get out of trouble.

"Who ME??"

There are tense moments, this is the closest these two have been without fur flying and fur would have been flying had I not been nearby.
"Just wait, Ghost, she has to leave sometime, then I own you."
Clyde tries to be tough but he doesn't have the backbone, he was sitting by the couch when Ghost walked by him, heading to her perch on the top. Clyde did the 'tough cat neck thing' that tough cats do to an enemy to scare them off. Ghost stopped, opened her mouth and gave him a cat breath blast right in the face and continued on her way. Clyde suddenly remembered something he needed to do in the kitchen and left before Ghost changed her mind and pummeled him into the carpet.
Between the naps and the drama surrounding our cat family, the days go by and I will get stronger. As long as I never get sick like I did the first time, I can handle the increased chemo, that is my barometer. I'm looking for an end to this tunnel and get on with my life. 


  1. Glad you have your kitty family to keep you company. I find they are the best listeners :-).

    Chin up buttercup !!!

  2. Day by day, another step closer to the finish line...we're with you in spirit, Julie! Love from J&J