Thursday, January 22, 2015

Germantown chicken, yum, yum!

I woke up Wednesday morning feeling like I'd turned the corner......but then the invitation to have Germantown chicken and fries that night may have had healing properties in itself. Our neighbor's son was having a birthday and we were asked to help celebrate.

Wednesday nights are always a big night at The Hideout, a rousing business in this tiny town, because you get free fries! We love free!! Carson got to fill his plate first from the heavy laden trays of chicken and fries.

After cleaning up both trays, not a scrap was left, Bruce, Carson, Jon and Carly played a rousing game of Foosball. I'm not sure who was the winner but Carly was putting on some pretty fancy victory dances. 

Carson was born a farmer, he's been out helping his dad from the time he could walk. Bruce helped Jon finish up a field this fall and Carson was right there with them. He's quite accomplished, he drives the grain cart beside the combine so Jon can unload on the go.


 If Bruce can't stop for a couple of minutes to unload the combine, he can take the grain back to the bin by himself!

Carson says, "You got to keep that combine running if you are going to get done!"

He is a wise boy but I'm still not dumping on the go.

Carson was with Bruce in the tractor between loads and he was grumbling about school. He didn't see any reason for spending his days there when all he wanted to do was farm. So Bruce gave him the pep talk about how math is so important in farming, he better stay in school a little longer.

We were at their house this summer, cutting up a tree for firewood and saw a firepit out by the shed. Their mother, Val, said that the kids like building fires and toasting marshmallows but they always had to ask permission. One early morning when their 16 yr old cousin was staying, Carly came in their bedroom and whispered in her dad's ear and left. Later they found out the cousin shot a ground squirrel, a striped golpher, they skinned it, cooked it over the fire pit and ate it! 

Come visit, we'll take you to Germantown for chicken, the striped golphers are hibernating.

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