Saturday, December 13, 2014

The little Deutz tractor goes to the hospital

Bruce loves his Deutz tractors, he has two, they both run a long time on a little fuel but when things go wrong, it can be tricky getting them back into running condition. The little Deutz has had an oil leak for some time that he has tried to fix but failed. It's not easy to find someone to work on them but Bruce found an implement dealer south of Fort Dodge who knows these tractors inside and out. We have had a break in the weather and he decided on Thursday to take it down, we picked up a 5th wheel trailer in Cherokee, then picked up his good buddy, Grassy, to ride shotgun on the way home.

The dogs and I took the Gator over to the farm to see how the loading went and found the guys striding purposefully to the shed to get the tractor. They didn't have time for cameras or dogs, they were on a mission.

But first you must get the balky tractor to start, a little diesel juice in the jug Grassy was carrying....

.....and a shot of ether in the air cleaner......

.....she started and off they go!

Up into the yard and onto the trailer....

....creeping forward until the tires are touching the front of the trailer.

"Keep her in the middle, Frenchy!"
Now the job of tying the tractor down so it stays put, it would be REALLY bad to have it fall off on the way down.

Heavy chains and come-a-long fastens the back.

Bruce had to search Leo's shop for another come-a-long and was successful.


Crank it hard!

A big hammer comes in handy to make a hook 'come to it's milk.' (I've really never understood that saying but I hear it a lot.)

The last step is the 'farmers friend', baling wire, to tie the handle to the chain to prevent it from coming loose.

Remember, it would be REALLY bad to have the tractor fall off.

And a little mugging for the camera!

The tractor is loaded, the guys are loaded.....

......they pull out of the driveway.....

....and head down the road.

The dogs and I follow them home.....

....where I change clothes and meet my good friend, Carla, at the Gasthaus for lunch.

When the cat is away, the mice will play!


  1. Huh, I have never heard "make a hook 'come to it's milk.'"... What in the world does a hook have to do with milk??!?? Now that's a head-shaker.

    Otherwise, JULIE you look great!


  2. Whenever Bruce has something that he has to use some power to get it to do what he wants, he will say, "That will make it come to it's milk!" This time is was the hook, go figure! And Thanks, I feel good!

  3. I think I figured it out, it has to do with a cow coming into her milk, to produce, so to speak, makes sense to me.