Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pairing Up

Last Summer, when Larry Jr.'s little bride successfully hatched the six eggs she had secreted away in a cat carrier, I wondered how many would be roosters.

It's hard to have more than one rooster because they end up fighting, I already had three so was pushing the envelope. One is crippled so he isn't a threat to the others, Larry Jr. became the boss of Chet even though Chet is 3 times bigger than him, for now everything is fairly peaceful. But I knew that Larry Jr. wouldn't like any competition.

In previous hatches, it seems like the roosters always outnumbered the hens but I was lucky this time, I could see the two future roosters with the sprouting combs and wattles.

Roosters -2 - Hens -4

I knew my neighbors would take one rooster and when the time came to rehome him, I gave them two little hens to keep him pacified because he was going into a coop with 4 big hens.

So all fall I watched the Larry Jr's remaining son shepherd his mother and two sisters around the yard, keeping to themselves. Larry Jr was too busy running after the big hens,

Now I see that they are paring off in the chicken coop, Larry Jr is back with his little bride.

While Larry the third is choosing to perch up high with his two sisters every evening.

Yes, I know it seems kinky but in the animal world they don't care about such things, I just look the other way.

For now all is quiet in the coop but when Spring comes and a young rooster's thoughts turn to fancy, war may break out. If that happens, Larry the third and his two sisters will go live at my sister's coop.

Why can't we just all get along??"

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