Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Our crazy animals

Monday night, my gang of two, Becky and Kim, met at Remsen for Mexican Monday, I was craving Navarette's combination nachoes. Becky, who is newly retired, brought gifts for both of us, is that a new tradition?? Mine was a big rooster, when I got home I sat it down by the TV. Zoe, who was in a chair, got off to investigate and she wasn't sure she liked the look of him!

After creeping across the floor, I couldn't get to the camera in time, she stopped and looked him over real good.

Zoe sat on her haunches and sniffed the roosters face.

"I guess he can stay."

Clyde's introduction as a little less dramatic....

....a good sniffing and he was satisfied.

Since the demise of Bunny, they have focused on Mr. Bee, since Mollie had him, Murphy got her baby blanket out of the dog house.

A tussle ensued, Murphy tried to use the blanket as a distraction to wrest Mr. Bee from Mollie.  

She was not successful, Murphy had to be happy with her baby blanket.

Blue and Lucky watched the drama from their perch on the fence....

I wish they would concentrate on laying some eggs, it's getting pretty sparse in the refrigerator!

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  1. Love the 4th picture, when it looks like Zoe turns to the camera and laughs! What an amazing shot!