Sunday, July 6, 2014


We celebrated the 4th of July at Leo's Pond with family and friends, they ranged in age from 2 year old Lily... our 92 year old church organist, Bernice.

And everyone in between.

There was enough food to feed an army, three crockpots of baked beans to choose from, oh the rumblings that were created later.

It was a perfectly gorgeous day, sunny, breezy enough to keep the mosquito's away and a perfect temperature.

We had a plethora of little girls, four from Sioux City, Arilynn, Jade, Miley and Ruthie, who kept their grandma Rosy busy teaching them how to cast a fishing line.

Ruthie is showing great form.

The girls are busy catching little snails that are floating by.

Grandma Joannie has her hands full with Lily and Brock William, the water is calling them....

....we brought out nets for them to try and catch creatures of the not so deep and watched that the kids didn't take a dunk in the pond inadvertently.

There were a few scuffles brought on after getting doused by a neighbor's water jug and minor injuries from stubbing toes on the cement but we didn't have to call 911.

Sara, Emily, Janet and Joannie deep in conversation about something.

The hardiest of us took off on a nature walk, one of Eddie's little girls said she would really like to take a car.

Eddie replied, "That would be a safari."

We lost her before we got 100 yards away when she returned to base camp.

They came upon an abandoned deer blind so we paused for a photo op.

Daddy's and their daughters, I love this picture of Brock and Lily....

.....and Eddie and Miley who commandeered this walking stick.

Ruthie is helping Lily through the tall grass after we all scaled a gate.

Back at base, Brock teaches Brock William the fine art of Badminton, BW wanted to swing his racket like a bat.

Bruce decided to challenge Brock for the championship....

...Brock hits one high....

....and Bruce shows fine form in returning the volley.

And Lily is still in motion, she had to be one tired little girl when they finally left.

Bruce had to go bale some hay about 4 so the party broke up soon after. I had lots of help to put everything away and was home by 5.

I loaded 6 bales while Bruce went to the neighbors to do his hay.....

....and took time to fully appreciate the beauty of our little corner of the world and to give thanks that we were lucky enough to be born here.

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  1. Nice pix Julie, esp. little Lily going all the time - and the little kiddies in the deer blind, I'm surprised there is still one up! it was good to see the pond and the areas around it - helped a bit with my homesickness!! Much love to you both, CG