Saturday, July 26, 2014


I'm not sure when it happened, but Murphy seemed to grow up emotionally overnight, perhaps after she was spayed? We were always on her about throwing herself on Mollie, constantly chewing and generally making Mollie's life miserable.

I was instructed to keep Murphy quiet for 10 days after surgery, yeah right! After the first day it was difficult and only achieved by kenneling her. I had Murphy in the gazebo with me the day after surgery, I was reading and she was laying beside me. I became aware of a "Snap, snap, snap,....".

"What," I asked myself, "could that me?" Looking down I saw Murphy pulling on the first stitch of her incision, OUCH!! She'd pull, let go, ere the 'snap'. YIKES! It was after hours at the vet clinic so I took her in the house and attempted to make a cone collar out of a piece of poster board.

Murphy thought that was the most fun game I'd invented yet! It was a failure. So I turned to Mr. Google and found this easy solution. Take a bath towel, fold it in thirds, for my big dog, then wrap it tightly around and around her neck. Fasten securely, in this case I had vet wrap but pins, duct tape, anything that will keep it in place. Eureka!!

Murphy did not quite know what to think, she tried to jump backwards out of it but the real test was yet to come.

It was a success, the thickness of the towel kept her from bending her head enough to reach the stitches. By the next day she was getting hot, that was the downside so I removed it and watched her. She never bothered her stitches again.

I tell you, Mr. Google is one smart guy!

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