Monday, August 22, 2016

♫That's what Friends are for....♫

That is the song that has been going through my head since the garden club and others, spent two nights last week cleaning up all the weeds around buildings and in the flower beds. The worst part about having chemo every three weeks this summer was the lethargy that left me unable to do more than run the mower every so often. Bruce had enough to do keeping up with the farm work to worry about a few weeds around here.

 The trouble was, those few weeds gained strength and were emboldened by their freedom and they 'were fruitful and multiplied'. Luckily the flowers took that challenge and they flourished and grew to great heights, trying to outdo the weeds. I told myself that soon Mother Nature will send us a killing frost and take care of all those weeds and next year will be a whole new ball game.

But Kim knew it bothered me and rallied the troops, as in the Marcus Garden Club and, unknown to me, they set up a couple of work nights. After it was all scheduled, Kim did tell me and I tried to talk her out of it but she can be rather stubborn, she said they wanted to do it. I tried again on Wed, the first night because it was a hot, in the 90's, no breeze and I could just see garden clubbers lying prostrate in the yard, overcome by heat exhaustion but they proved to be a hardy bunch.

They arrived en-mass..... 

...some brought weedeaters....

...some brought hand tools.

The gator got a workout hauling huge piles of weeds and trimmings to the burn pile out back.....

.....or hauling kids and dogs, I think a few went home with a Gator on the top of their wish list.

The back yard has never looked so neat and tidy as it was after being raked clean of debris and downed branches out of the trees.

Murphy had the best seat in the house, in the cool sand pile, where she watched everything going on.

It was HOT but give them a bottle of water and all was well once again.

It was a hot and sweaty group who gathered around the picnic table in the back for some well deserved cool beverages and food...

(You can see that Murphy is exhausted by all the activity.)

.....laughs and conversation......

...."Thank You" seemed so inadequate!!

I feel like I'm in a completely new universe as I walk around and see all the lovely flowers and NO WEEDS!! Little did I know when I joined this club what a wonderful group of friends I would gain.

Thank you, dear friends!!


  1. Believe me when I say none of us thought of it as work. We all were having a good time talking and working. It was a joy to help a dear friend !! Love you Julie !!!

  2. I will say I have never sweat so much though.....I am a shade gardener ;-)

  3. Oh Julie, what a great group of dear friends!! And it's always so much better with a group, doing good deeds. You are indeed fortunate, as Chief used to say....bless all their hearts. Yours too!! Love ya honey!!