Monday, August 15, 2016

Small Town county fair time..

If you have the chance to attend a county fair, do not pass up the opportunity.

They work hard to provide entertainment such as tractor pulls, much belching of black smoke, the roar of the engine, and off they go down the track.

This little girl had ear protectors bigger than she was, smart mother.

You might get to see the laziest lion alive, Muffassa, oh how I loved the Lion King!

We learned a fact about male lions, if they neuter them, they lose their big beautiful mane.

Thrills abounded when this tiger leaped fearlessly through a ring of fire!

And there is fair food everywhere!! My stomach growled for the mini donuts.

My good friend, Kim, once again wowed everyone with her great garden entries....

....and it all paid off when she not only won the coveted Sweepstakes award but also Best in Show, way to go my garden friend!!

Don't you love the name, Panty Dropper?? (For some reason I couldn't get a space at the top, computers, GRRRR!)

We caught Carson and Carly Fuhrman primping Carson's steer for competition, and they take a LOT of primping. Bathing, fluffing, buffing, spraying, combing, combing and combing right up until the last moment going into the show ring.

We got to see their father, Jon, introduce a good friend, Brian, the Magic Muffer, Egger into the MMC Hall of Fame. The school is honoring outstanding graduates of MMC and Brian had a stellar career in the Air Force. He spent a lot of time out here when Bruce had his radio station going so we couldn't miss that.

And last but not least, we watched our 'son' David Rupp in the Celebrity Hog Show. (When David was a teenager, he went fishing with us in MN, since we had a family license, we informed him that he was our son for the duration. He turned out so well, we kept him.)

David was the hit of the show and it looks like he was practicing some moves on this hog that might work on the girls. He had her eating out of his hand.

Way to go, Dave, keep this up and we might be going to a wedding??


  1. Where did you go to see the lions ? Amazing, beautiful creatures. I love the monkey showing the pig.......too funny.

  2. I will come clean, I combined photos from the Cherokee fair, the tractor pull and lion show. It was so beastly hot while it was on, I didn't take many pictures so combined them with Marcus.