Friday, February 5, 2016

Winter Storm Kayla

Monday was an absolutely beautiful day, if not for the diligence of the weather service, we would never have known 'Winter Storm Kayla' was bearing down on us. Bruce and I were both in high gear, cleaning, bedding and feeding livestock in preparation of the big blow.

And blow it did, we were holed up all day Tuesday, venturing to the windows now and then to peer out and watch the snow pile up. Nothing much was moving, the dogs came out of the barn occasionally, where they had taken up residence for the day, circled the yard to see if there was anything out to chase or bark at, and returned, disappointed.

We knew what would be waiting for us Wed morning, there was no lounging around the house, we had snow to move. Bruce left first, after cleaning around the yard and said he would call when he had a spot for me to park at the farm.

This is what greeted me at the road...

....I was so glad I had Bruce ahead of me to forge the path, my little car would never have made it through the drift on the road.

At the farm Bruce opens the gate to the calf bunk that is drifted full....

.....I mounted my trusty Mustang skidloader and cleaned it, so happy that Bruce had the foresight to make the bunk wide enough to use the machine.

Can you imagine having to do this by hand? Oh my aching back!!

The cow bunk was full of snow but the girls didn't hesitate to burrow through it to get at the prize underneath, some silage. It left them with a snow beard.

And finally George came riding to the rescue, clearing snow drifts in a big way.

With all the snow, the creek came up again filling it bank full. It must be very frustrating for the resident beaver, it keeps flooding his den. We aren't sure where he moves during high water but he always returns and continue his quest to cut down all the trees by the bridge.

Despite the cold and snow, the beauty can't be ignored, this is the sight that greets us at the driveway.

Kind of makes all the work worthwhile....

....on second thought, naw!

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