Friday, February 19, 2016

Those Wascally Wabbits!!

I used to love rabbits, I raised several babies - not any more! We have an over supply of rabbits and not enough food so they are decimating my bushes and trees!

The Service Berry in front of the chicken coop.

One of the Iowa peach trees I've been pruning and watering the last few summers, trying to get it to grow, darn it, grow....

.....and the other, this certainly won't do them any good.

One of several viburnums that are bearing the wrath of the wabbits.

But the final straw was this apple tree I just planted last summer, sob!

That did it, this is WAR! I found I did have a couple weapons named Murphy and Mollie....

"Did I do good? Huh? HUH?"

Yes, Mollie, you did very good.

Dogs - 2 but the wabbits were still winning. I couldn't sleep one night and was downstairs, I looked out the living room window, the dog house is 5 feet away and 10 feet away from it were at least 6 wabbits!! I went to the front door, opening it oh so carefully, and, in a stage whisper, yelled, "Mollie, Murphy!" In a louder whisper, "MOLLIE, MURPHY!"

They rolled out of the dog house, the wascally wabbits took off for destinations unknown, and the dogs never even saw them. Instead they came up on the porch, "What do you want, boss?"

"Get the wabbits!"

They look hopefully around, "Wabbits? I don't see any wabbits."

"They are out there, go find them!"

So they make a half- hearted run across the yard, looking all around but no wabbits are found and soon they went back to bed.

I was still up later, looked out and the front yard was swarming with wabbits!!


Dogs - 0, those wascally wabbits lived to see another day, dang it.

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  1. ACH!!! stupid wabbits. I loved your service berries last summer. Oh, those wascals are about as horrific as the beaver, the way they eat those tender little bushes, shrubs and trees. I hope by the time as I am writing (3/20) that there has been no more stripping of the barks. Wishful prayers for you honey!!