Saturday, December 5, 2015

Another Saturday, another emergency room visit!

Yesterday, Friday, Bruce and I were in the garage getting ready to go to Cherokee for a tractor part. I was carrying my 50# camera backpack in one hand, my purse, water cup and flash unit in the other when I caught my leg on a wire and crashed to the cement floor, landing on my bum knee. There was a lot of pain but with Bruce's help I slowly got to my feet, flexed my leg and decided nothing was broken so off we went.

I was able to get the picture I wanted, Bruce got his tractor part and we went home. My leg was getting stiffer and it was not easy to get around but I decided I would be fine until Monday.

I wasn't, I didn't get much sleep, getting up and down off the couch was pure misery and as soon as Bruce was up I said I needed to go to the ER.

He had to do my chores along with his own so we didn't get down there till 9:30 and had the place to ourselves. Two sets of xrays and a lot of waiting later, Dr. Harrison gave usthe news that I fractured my kneecap but it was a good fracture, if there is such a thing. It was on the side, vertical not horizontal. She also said I had a lot of blood pooled above my knee and tried to draw it off but it had already clotted so I have to wait for it to dissipate on it's own. 

3 hours later they sent me home on crutches with a knee stabilizer which really helps and a bottle of hydrocodone, which REALLY helps!

So Bruce is now chief cook and bottle washer, horse, chicken, cat and dog chore boy and has to keep Clyde's litter box clean.

Pray for him and send rubber gloves.


  1. Oh, Julie, so sorry it's fractured! Ow, ow, ow. Stay off it and be waited that a possibility?

  2. Oh, Julie, so sorry it's fractured! Ow, ow, ow. Stay off it and be waited that a possibility?

  3. Sounds painful and is so inconvenient! But we know Bruce will take good care of you, honey! Do exactly what the doctor tells you to do, ok? OK!

  4. Ow, ow, ow is right, it's very painful but Bruce is waiting on me hand and foot as we all knew he would. Thanks for the good wishes, this too will pass.

  5. But I want to hear the rest of the story....involves a walker?

  6. what the heck Julie?!?! I talked with Janet and she mentioned you and your broken knee cap - WHAT?!?! she said, read the blog.......good grief my girl...I can only imagine the inconvenience but that God that you have the best nurse, hand maiden, and husband to help you out. Ye gads.....I'm so sorry to hear this!!