Tuesday, December 22, 2015

♫A Caroling We will Go, A Caroling we Will go.....♫

Sunday was the much anticipated Sunday School Program about the birth of Jesus Christ, it's always fun to see how the kids do. We only had one melt down when one of the littlest girls was accidentally pinched by a snap in her costume and nearly missed the entire production. But, considering it lasted about 8 minutes, there wasn't much time for Izzie to regain her composure.

Bruce was drafted as the narrator and he took his job seriously.

This was our resident angel, Abby, and she really is an angel, working hard in school so she can fulfill her dream of being a doctor and we have no doubt she will make it. 

The program was a great success and we all got our bags of peanuts, an apple, a candy bar and a candy cane on the way out of the church. We were meeting back there at 5 PM to go caroling. The weather was very cooperative, the nicest we have had in years. When we were inside the nursing homes, it didn't matter, but when we were standing outside, it was much appreciated.

This is our youngest caroler, Treton, singing to our oldest member, Bernice. Treton was the youngest member until his sister, Addison, arrived. He has always been special to all of us, growing up in the church since he was tiny and he is so outgoing. 

Bruce was getting a kick out of him belting out the songs that he knew best.

After the caroling party, we all met back at the church for two kinds of soup, breadsticks, cookies and candy and fellowship. This really gets me in the Christmas spirit.

So much so that I made my way to the basement and drug up a trio of three small trees and put them by the TV in the living room. They were already pre-lit and they actually worked so I then hobbled upstairs for Christmas ornaments. I know, it's pretty lame but they did put the spirit of Christmas in the house that had been sorely lacking.

That was so much fun, I decorated the top of the TV but think I will stop there. Then I decided to take a picture to share but the lights don't show up very good.

So I shut off all the lights and just used the camera settings to take it, better.

Then I got really creative, "Like, far out, Man!"

'And now for something completely different'....who can tell me where that statement came from?

I'm always on the hunt for a great bread recipe, in fact I have a Pinterest board with the title, "I Can't Have Enough Bread Recipes." I found these last night and my mouth watered, I had to try them today. They are Honey Rolls from pastryaffair.com.

Even if you have given up on bread, you should to to the website just to read her article on her affair with bread, it had me rolling on the floor and it is so true.

I went one better and baked them in a cast iron skillet, the honey butter that is basted over the top dripped down into the skillet making the bottoms crispy and setting off the softness of the roll.

It was pure heaven, Lord, take me now!


  1. So proud of you Julie for decorating. Your little trees are adorable !!! Caroling is so fun, I enjoy it too. Those honey buns look delicious !!! Enjoy !!

    Merry Christmas my friend.

  2. Every time I read your blog I either laugh til my sides hurt, or my stomach growls with hunger because what you picture looks so good! Today is no exception - they look delish! Have a blessed Holiday season!

  3. more bread!! they look great. this was another great blog,Julie - filled with all kinds of down home comfort of living in the rural community and sharing Christmas activities together.