Saturday, October 31, 2015

Three's Company, Four's a Crowd??

I've been watching the drama in the chicken coop with the little Serama hen who was raised with her four foster sisters, the Wyandottes. 

She tagged around with her bigger sisters all summer, seeming to be unaware that she was different.

Anyone remember the movie, The Jerk? It was kind of like that.

One night I went to shut the coop up and couldn't find her, fearing the worst I looked around and found her sitting on the highest perch with Larry the 3rd and his two little hens. She was sitting a respectful distance from her cousins, just trying to fit in.

She grew up.....

....and Larry the 3rd seemed to take notice, one night she had the coveted spot to his right.

That did not set well and the next night she was booted back to her original spot.

I wasn't privy to what went on lately but she has been exiled, forced to the other side of the rafter.

"And you STAY over there, you Shamed Hussy!"

These hens don't put up with someone coming in and trying to steal their man.
What it really reminds me of is being back in school and the cliques. If you weren't one of the popular girls, you were nobody.

Maybe she will attach herself to the new family of chicks when they get older, there is strength in numbers.

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