Monday, October 12, 2015

"They know my voice"....

I've always loved this bible verse: John 10:27,

'My sheep cows hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow me."

It fits perfectly as I watch Bruce stand on the hill of the pasture and call his herd of cows, "C'm Boss, C'm Boss."

They hear his voice and they come.....but it helps that there is a combined field behind him and they know it's time to escape the pasture and go on a treasure hunt to find the elusive corn that fell in the dirt.

Bruce always bales a lot of cornstalks to use for feed and bedding in the winter and he decided, belatedly, to bale the field that the cows were now in. Cows like nothing better than a cornstalk bale to rub and bunt around but Bruce didn't think they would pay attention to him. 

He was wrong, the cattle were drawn to the big round bales popping out of the back of the baler and immediately surrounded the bales. Bruce had to leave his baling and drive them away before they could destroy any. Zoe and I were snoozing in the gazebo, isn't that what you are supposed to do on a warm Sunday afternoon, when the phone rang. 

"Will you come help me pick up bales while we still have some to pick up?"

The cows had pretty much tired of the novelty but Louie, the head bull, was going from bale to bale, rubbing and butting. He managed to tear off some of the net wrap before we rescued them and hauled them to the field by the bins where they are stored for the winter.

Next spring when the last ones are removed, the dogs will be called into rat duty, they move in and build condos for the winter.

I was laying in the grass trying to get shots of the Little Red Hen family and it's not easy with a look like this!

"What do you want NOW???"

I bribed her with some left over popcorn so that got me back in her good graces.

The chicks are starting to grow into their feathers, the chick on the right definitely is going to be a frizzle like her mother.

I haven't decided the parentage of the two yellow ones but they are now getting brown feathers.

We have some hawks migrating through so the little red hen keeps her eye on the sky.

And then Mollie and Murphy discovered me laying in the grass and I was mobbed, photo shoot over.

Hawks got nothing on two exuberant collies.

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  1. your pictures of the chicks are so bright and colorful. Love them.