Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day musings

Valentines day is hyped up, to make people, mostly men, feel guilty if they don't get their significant other that giant, 6 ft. Vermont Teddy Bear, or that sexy lingerie, or at least run into HyVee and pick a ready made flower bouquet and/or a box of chocolates off the ample display right inside the front door. Anyone would have to be unconscious to miss it. 

I was asked once about how I felt about Valentine's Day and I said it wasn't as important as how you are treated every other day of the year. It's easy to feel warm and loving toward your spouse while vacationing on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Kauai, golfing next to the ocean, without a care in the world.

Or feeding the collection of peacocks at a tourist trap where Bruce shelled out 50 cents for a handful of corn, all the while thinking of his bins full at home.

True love is when your hubby rises long before the sun comes up to get his chores done on chemo day, so he can drive me to Storm Lake and spend all day in a chair next to me while I sleep. 

True love is driving me to Cherokee every morning for my daily shot and then stopping at Casey's for a donut treat, even though he is on a perennial diet all winter. (Yes, he get's his own donut.)

True love is tending to my needs while I lay on the couch looking like death warmed over while recovering from chemo.

True love is when Bruce gave up his big TV in the living room on Saturday so I could watch a Hallmark  marathon of Signed, Sealed and Delivery, because I was laid out on the couch.

And true love is suggesting we celebrate Valentine's Day a week early at our favorite restaurant, Archie's in LeMars with our friends, Mike and Becky.

I think Becky needs to get out more.

So however you spent this Valentine's Day, at a fancy restaurant or home with a Casey's pizza, I hope it was with people you love or fond memories of those who have gone before us.


  1. So sweet, Julie! :) Love how much you two love each other. :) Hope you are doing well--we are all thinking of you!!! Love ya!

  2. When i think of how hard I worked to grow him up right, it makes me smile to hear how great he treats you! (You know I am just being facetious, right?) Truly, I am glad he treats you right. I think he knows how lucky he is to have you! take care of each other, we love you......Janet

  3. You two are a perfect match........Bruce is so good to you, but also know you would do the same for him !! :-)

  4. My most favorite of you two --- we were walking out on the road after an Easter dinner, I think, with all the family there for the weekend. While us younger ladies were talking while walking, ZOOM!! there goes Julie running past us with Bruce on her heels. Remember Anne, when you asked 'what's the matter with Bruce?? He's acting so funny", or something like that - us girls crowed 'he's in LOVE".. the best of my memories of you guys while you were dating and I never tire of repeating it (although some may tire of hearing it, ha!) I'm so glad you're tolerating your treatments and that also, both of you have each other's back - good times and bad. Love ya!!!! CG