Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Clyde - 3 -- Zoe - 0

We have been overrun with mice this winter, they scurry in the wall, run laps in the ceiling, visit under the sinks and leave their nasty droppings and sometimes come face to face with one of the three cats in the house.

If you were a mouse, who would you fear most? Zoe, who has all her faculties and keeps a sharp lookout for enemies who invade her domain?

Who believes the best way to catch a bird is to try to blend in on the roof of the bird feeder?

Who practices her wrestling moves on the other cats?

Who stays in shape climbing trees?

Who runs a tight ship keeping the dogs in line?

"You don't understand the concept of personal space, do you Mollie?"

Who does Yoga everyday?

This is called, 'Upside down Cat.'

Who practices her moves on the Turbo Go Round, perfecting the rabbit kicks?

And still manages to get several 'cat' naps a day to refresh her.

Or would you fear Clyde, who was accidentally poisoned as a baby and has suffered a severe case of palsy every since? 

Clyde spends his days searching out the best spot to nap.

While Zoe is patrolling the great outdoors, Clyde is keeping an eye on the back yard from the upstairs bedroom.

And spends winter days keeping the couch from getting up and walking away.

With a time out for a snack and another nap in the nearby rocker.

Well, if you put your money on Zoe, you would be wrong, yes, she can catch a mouse but can't do the dirty deed. All she wants to do is play with them and inevitably loses them. The last one was just a couple of mornings ago, Bruce and I were rudely awakened at 5 AM by a "Squeak, squeak, squeak!" By the time Bruce got the light on, Zoe was searching our bedroom, "He was here just a minute ago!" Oh, man, Zoe, not again. This is the third mouse that we have seen Zoe have and lose in the house and this one was way too close to our bed. I didn't want to wake up with a disease ridden mouse curled up in bed with us!

Clyde, on the other hand, gets so excited, "It's a REAL LIVE MOUSE!" The mouse doesn't stand a chance, Clyde chomps and dispatches the little vermin in one, swift, fatal blow. He makes the attempt to clean up the scene by eating the evidence but he just can't stomach the hind quarters. Luckily for me, Bruce is the first one up, found the evidence on the kitchen floor and gotten rid of it, much to Clyde's dismay.

"I was playing with that!"

And Ghost?

Where is she in the mousing department?

"I'm not eating no stinking mouse, I know where the bowl of cat chow is."

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  1. I love your cat stories.......you describe their personality to a tee :-)