Friday, May 16, 2014

And you thought YOUR visit to the dentist was traumatic!

A trip to the dentist, that strikes fear in the hearts of people everywhere.

But just suppose your kindly dentist brings a medieval torture halter with grooves for the teeth that then they can lock open?

(I bet there are dentists who would like this for some patients, especially little kids who  bite their fingers.)

And then suppose your dentist snaps open a black case  and retrieves a 20V Dewalt cordless drill, complete with a long shaft outfitted with a spinning grinder.

I don't know about you but I would be running for the hills.

My favorite horse vet, Dr. Melissa, made her annual visit this week to the farm to vaccinate all the animals and see to Lacey and Spiders teeth. As they age, they develop teeth problems and, as gruesome as it sounds, this is the best way to deal with them. No teeth, no horse.

Melissa's arm disappears into Lacey's mouth to access the teeth, determine what is sharp and needs filed down.

Lacey can't bite. And she is sedated, there is no way we could over power a 1000# horse.

Lacey seems sleepy but it's deceiving.

Once Melissa fires up her drill, Lacey came to life and started backing away, dragging me with her and Melissa following.

Backing, backing, Melissa filing those sharp back teeth.

Backing, backing, I'm holding up her head with my shoulder, I can hear and feel the vibration inside Lacey's jaw, EYE, YI, YI! It gives me the creeps! Melissa is in the 'crouch position' trying to get at those teeth. The dogs want to know what is going on.

Lacey finally hit the barn door, no place to go, her head is getting heavy on my shoulder, Melissa is in 'deep crouch', getting the last of the sharp edges off and the dogs are bored with it all and holding a wrestling match.

It's all over, Lacey is sleeping off the anesthetic, she will appreciate this when she has her breakfast tomorrow.

"Appreciate it my hind end!"


  1. WHOA! I'm glad she is not my dentist - I would back away also! RosannaVan

  2. Did Brucie take the pictures, Julie?? Whoever did it, nice work....Wow, I had no idea dentristry was so tough, poor vet and you, it looked like a lot of work. Once again, I'm clueless as to another aspect of being a farmer's wife. Great blog, as always Julie..

  3. No, Bruce wasn't around, I used the tripod and the remote shutter, it worked pretty good.