Sunday, May 25, 2014

A lazy Sunday afternoon in the gazebo.

We had a busy few days with company, Jean and John from WI., golfing, well they golfed, I'd rather do anything else, lots of food and catching up on family news. Saturday we all went to a graduation party for Jacob, Bruce's nephew Brian's son, and saw more family while we bid farewell to the Salzwedel's as they had business to attend to back home. This morning we got up early, well for me, and went to church in Paullina to hear about the mission trip to Haiti that Bruce's niece, Christine, husband Brian and their three children took last month. Never have I sat for 1 1/2 hours in church without fidgeting! It was a wonderful presentation and I'm in awe of all of them. They talk about going back and I have no doubt they will.

Back at home, we ate and Bruce went to the farm to get ready to work cattle on Tuesday. I decided to take a break and went to the gazebo with the paper. It was lovely.

The newly constructed gazebo.
There would have been the sound of a gentle waterfall, if not for the pond being down for repairs, I haven't yet determined how extensive the repairs might be.

My cute little niece, Kaiza back in 2008 trying in vain to net a fish out of the pond.

The orioles were making frequent visits to the lunch wagon, this is a bowl of grape jelly. She looks like she has only one leg in this picture.

That's because this is how she stands, one foot clutching the chain, she must feel more secure that way.

The frogs were sunning themselves on rocks, baby frog.....

....Big Daddy Frog. They have become used to me and only dive into the water if I'm too close or startle them. For weeks last year I only knew I had frogs because I'd hear a "splash" when I was anywhere near the pond.

There was a light breeze that kissed the 'Josie' lilac and sent the intoxicating scent into the gazebo.

The late Outlaw Josie Wales, my problem child in who's honor I planted the lilac. I miss her.

It would have been a perfect afternoon......

...if not for that blankety, blank, blackbird!

He cleans out the nest and swoops over the pond, artfully decorating this and other rocks with baby bird poop!! Much like a refrigerator door full of a child's drawings - but they are messy and stink - at least I assume so.

I wish he would diaper those kids!


  1. Julie, I think you are lucky that your pond isn't being filled with non=biodegradable diapers! Love your blog, RosannaVan

  2. AAhh Julie, you are blessed to have that beautiful gazebo - I don't think I'd be able to leave it once I was properly established in it!! Are you still working on the 'wild' plants that took over the pond?

  3. YES! A hard lesson to learn, if it's in the wild, leave it in the wild!!