Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Up close and personal with the calves and racing the rain....

Most of our cows have had their calf, we have a few late ones that look like they are a long way off. Bruce came home from the farm chuckling and said I should go take some pictures of the calves and that is what I love to do.

This is one of the twins.

We have such a calm and gentle cow herd and that is passed on to their calves, so instead of running from me, they are quite curious about that black thing that sticks out of my head. All last year #35 wanted to be a mother, she stood by the gate, gazing into the cow pen.....

......and this year her dream came true with a baby of her own.

This is another future cow, next year, if all goes well, she will have a calf by her side. She is out of our coveted #1 who was the best cow we ever raised. Remember #37, she will come up later.

Don't you just love those black speckled noses?

#8 was our newest calf and we thought at first that he was blind in one eye but he seems fine now.

Wouldn't you just kill for those eyelashes??

Bruce used the wrong pen on his ear tag so we might never know for sure who is his mother.

The best seat in the house is up against the barn, out of the way, on a pile of corn stalks.

He likes to wear his ear tag funky, kind of like the kids you see wearing their baseball caps backwards.

I found the other twin in another yard...



"Just what is that thing?"

And finally mother had to come over just to see what I was up to, she backed off when she discovered I was not doing any harm.

"Hey, what about me?"

"Yes, you are a cutie also."

Bruce has been racing the rain showers, both when planting corn, that is now up and growing and planting beans. Sunday he was going full speed ahead of the rain that was predicted that night. I ran back and forth to the field to help fill planter boxes, he was on the big field behind the home place and determined to get it done.

He's off!

On one of my trips through the yard I was brought to a stop when I saw the future cow #37, letting this calf suck her minuscule udder!! I have never seen this before, the calf thought he was being sneaky but I can't imagine he was getting anything. She was in 7th heaven, stood with her eyes closed.

She so wants to be a mother!!

The clouds built and Bruce planted....

....little did we know that it would be 11:30 before he finished and could come home to bed. And the rains came, we've had about 1 3/4" since then, there is still one small field to plant but that will wait for some sun and wind to dry. 

"On the 8th day, God made a farmer."


  1. Love the white face cows..glad the birthing is over!
    Those faces look so fuzzy!

  2. The last picture is so beautiful !!!! Your calf pictures are too cute !!!