Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Today is Veteran's Day, a day set aside to honor our veterans and active members of the military, but every day should be Veteran's Day. The first thing every morning we should thank those who have served and those in harms way for the freedoms that we take for granted. 

Bruce's golfing partner, Leo, his son, Tom, who served three tours overseas and his two daughters, Peyton, on the right, and Lilly brought us a wonderful present. A flag pallet that we set up in front of the barn.

Bruce saw the pallet the three painted for Leo and Theresa this summer when he was picking up Leo for their weekly golf outing and admired it. It is beautiful and really shows up when you drive in.

After taking pictures of the girls and their creation, they discovered the barn and Bruiser, what kid can resist playing in a barn full of hay bales.

The dogs were delighted to play with them and knocked them down several times.

The pair is standing on the room of my tack shed, contemplating jumping to the bales below, I told them it's just like dance class. Go for it!

Peyton was the first to go.....

....Lilly followed her big sister's lead....

....and landed none too gracefully. They had a ball, Tom finally had to haul them out or they would have stayed all day.

Before they left, they wanted to see the chickens so I rounded up some chicken treats for them to give out.

It was a fun morning, they can't wait to come back again and the dogs took a well deserved nap.

I salute you, Tom K., brothers, Tom, David and Denny, brother in law, Max, nephew, Mark, great nephew, Jesse, brother in law, John R., hubby Bruce (who was in reserves but never thinks of himself as veteran), friend, Elizabeth and all the other unnamed people who unselfishly gave their time to protect us.

Thank you.

Thank a veteran today.

Edited to add words of wisdom from Bruce, we were out stacking split wood, listening to a Veteran's Day program on the radio. He said, "Now, more than ever people need to be thankful to live here, looking at all the chaos in the world."



  1. I have such great memories playing in our barn with my brothers when we were little. Nothing better than growing up on a farm.

  2. Amen, indeed Julie...Tom says the same thing (re: 'not really a veteran') - he was sent to Germany and luckily that's all the farther he was, that was during the Viet Nam mess. Everyone who served, no matter the capacity, is a veteran and should be thanked as such!! I so agree with Brucie's comment. To change the subject - are you using filters and soft focuses?? I see some very lovely pictues here.........just saying....